Published August 16, 2017

Because of the GLS | Leaders Become the Hands and Feet of Jesus for Children in Honduras

int-1717Angel Andreakis is a young leader from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and serves with The Global Leadership Summit as a regional producer.

When he discovered the true meaning of leadership at the GLS, it changed the way he understood God, how leadership starts with himself, and how he can impact his community.

Angel caught a vision that the Church really could be the hope of the world in his city.

Through servant leadership, his dream for a better Honduras could be accomplished – a Honduras without corruption, violence and poverty. A Honduras full of people who fear God and love one another.

“I live in a marvelous country,” Angel shares. “I love my country, but we need great leadership. We need people who to make decisions to benefit others, rather than themselves.

“As a leader, you have to be a servant,” Angel explains. “As a leader, you have to do the tough work. You have to do things when no one is watching. Do things when the honor is going to someone else.”

Angel realized, before transforming a country, transformation first starts with himself.

Change a leader.

“Leadership is a gift, but you have to understand the process of the leadership,” Angel shares. “Every time you want to escalate to another level of leadership, God asks us to give Him something. We want everything so fast, but when you work in the ministry of God, everything is different.

“God asks me, ‘do you want to see greater things in your life?  Then give me that part of you.’

“Success will start when you stop being a victim and you start to become the protagonist of your life,” Angel explains. “That is success for me—when you are honest with yourself and you say, what kind of change do I have to make in myself?

“I used to live a destructive life. I thought I was a marvelous thing in the world,” Angel shares. “It is true. But the grace of God comes to you and gives you another opportunity. God has worked a lot in me. And if God let a donkey talk, God can do a lot of things with me. Without His mercy and His grace I wouldn’t be here. God is amazing. He saved my life.”

Through Angel’s leadership, his church has become a light in the darkness.

Change a church.

“I learned from the GLS that for the local church to be the hope of the world we have to get out of the building and be the church with the homeless, the children and everyone who is in need.”

With a dream to create a better Honduras, this year, Angel gathered other local leaders and started a project to feed children in need in his local community and give them clothes and toys.

“We are excited to be the hands of God on Earth,” Angel exclaims. “Last December, we celebrated Christmas and served 200-250 kids, providing them with clothes, food, toys and other activities to celebrate the season. We also shared the Word of God. We are very excited and thankful about what God is doing!”

Change a country.

8188492009_11ac39abc3_zThrough Angel’s involvement with the GLS, he himself has not only transformed as a leader, but his church is seeing a growing impact in the community. And now, there is even nationwide impact.

“The President of our nation attended the GLS,” Angel shares. “It was a great moment. He came and recognized that he was not a leader. He said, ‘I was wrong about leadership.’

“All the media was in shock. It was a great accomplishment for us because he said that without the Summit, he wouldn’t realize how bad a leader he was.”

The GLS team in Honduras hopes to bring the GLS to all the political leaders in effort that God will use the GLS to help transform their country into a better nation.

Thank you for supporting leaders like Angel in Honduras.

“Dreams are from God,” Angel shares. “We need people to be bold with their dreams. We are the voice and we have a great resource that is the Summit. I want to leave a legacy and I want to be remembered as a person who fixed something.

“To all of the donors and investors, thank you for all you are doing. I am the result of a Summit. I love the Summit. Every year I pray to God that I can be a part of the Summit, because we are the voice.

“I thank God we have seen changes, but there is still more! We don’t know what is going to happen in our country, but we pray to God that with the Summit as a resource, God transforms not only my city, but the whole country too.

“So thanks to you for all you are doing. I know what you are doing will leave a legacy. Even though we do not know you, you are doing a greater thing for us. Thank you!”


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